Intelligent iPDU PX3 from Raritan for your data center

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption

Planegg, December 16, 2021

Atlantik Systeme, value-added distributor of networking components, introduces the iPDU PX3 from Raritan, an intelligent PDU for your data center.

Benefit from a solution that offers you more than just power distribution! Use the intelligent rack PDUs to monitor energy consumption in real time, optionally with differential current.

The PDUs are quick to install, easy to use and capture up to 1% accurate critical energy information to improve data center efficiency. You can rely on the PDUs too, which convince with additional features in operation:

First-class features of the PX3:

  • Use at ambient temperatures of up to +60°C
  • Dual network access
  • Brilliant colour display for quick reading in the rack
  • Bistable relays on the switchable PX3 PDUs
  • Circuit breaker in flat design
  • USB port features - mass configuration, cascading and much more
  • Optional differential current measuring function
    and much more

Detailed information can be found in the Data sheet>>.

Kombinieren Sie die PX3 iPDU mit Umgebungssensoren>> und der SecureLock Lösung>>, um Ihr Rechenzentrum noch effektiver zu betreiben, und finden Sie stets die passende Lösung! Mögliche Varianten sehen Sie im Raritan Podukt Selektor>>.

Raritan's iPDU PX3 is now available at Atlantik Systeme.