New at Atlantik Systeme: Siemon VersaPODTM

The scalable infrastructure solution for your data center

Atlantik Systeme presents the VersaPODTM solution from Siemon, which allows a efficient utilization of the limited space in the data center.


This provides more space for the active components through the usage of vertical space between racks for cable routing and for patching. The flexible cabinet systems are suitable for all data center sizes and for various switch, server , storage or splitter area configurations.

In a cabinet version of 1000 mm and 1200 mm depth, network devices, servers and SAN equipment can be affiliated with greater depth.



  • Max. depth of 1000mm & 1200mm
  • Suitable as single cabinet or cabinet row
  • Optimized Air supply and integrated grounding features
  • Reduction of the required backup cables
  • space savings in the horizontal area , by utilizing of vertical Zero -U Patch Panels
  • Simplification of the plug-in operations even in areas with extremely high packing density
  • Both sides opening doors that can be completely removed
  • Placement of the front and back is possible

The Siemon  VersaPODTM solution is now available at Atlantik Systeme.