Switch to Transfer Switches with RARITAN Hybrid Technology!

Planegg, September 25th, 2019

Use Raritan Transfer Switches with Hybrid Technology to redundantly power network devices with a single power supply - such as firewall systems, routers, servers or switches. Fast, automatic switching between two power supplies, within 4 to 8ms, compensates for the failure or quality loss of one power supply!

Your advantages:

  • Hybrid system of electromechanical relays and thyristors (SCR)
  • Short switching times
  • Monitoring of power supply and mains quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fanless design
  • Coloured LEDs for fast reading
  • Local and remote monitoring and control
  • Connection for optional environmental sensors

Choose your suitable solution from the following models:

PX3TS-1875CR: 1PH, 230V AC, 16A, 9 Outlets: 8x IEC C-13, 1x IEC C-19
PX3TS-1875R: 1PH, 230V AC, 16A, 9 Outlets: 8x IEC C-13, 1x IEC C-19
PX3TS-1469R: 1PH, 230V AC, 32A, 20 outlets: 16x IEC C-13, 4x IEC C-19

Additionally equipped with switching and measuring function of the outlets:
PX3TS-5191CR: 1PH, 230V AC, 16A, 8 outlets: 7x IEC C-13, 1x IEC C-19