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As a subsidiary of Ericsson with more than 30 thousand active customers in over 50 countries, Cradlepoint provides the perfect solutions for today's requirements for connectivity: It must be reliable, secure, and flexible. Regardless of the domain, Cradlepoint offers cloud-based 5G and LTE cellular solutions in many different areas, such as:

  • IoT (Self Service, Automation, Video Surveillance, Sensoristics, Digital Signage)
  • Mobil (Construction, Logistics, Transport, Emergency Services) 
  • Branch (Education, Retailers, Branch, Home Office, Restaurants)  
  • Private Cellular Networks
  • Failover & Out of Band Management


Recommended products

Popular Cradlepoint products from our portfolio


Compact 5G Router

Cradlepoint endpoints provide industry-leading, LTE connectivity as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. These purpose-built endpoints are sold as part of a NetCloud Package including a subscription to the NetCloud Service, continuous modem and software feature enhancements, 24×7 support, on-demand training, and a limited lifetime warranty.


High performance 5G router

The R1900 5G Wifi 6 router includes an integrated 5G modem which can automatically connect to Cat 20 LTE when the vehicle moves outside of 5G coverage. In addition, the R1900 is designed to accommodate the RX30 managed accessory, providing either four additional GbE PoE ports or four additional GbE ports and a second modular modem. It can also be used as a controller for a separate Cradlepoint 5G Wideband Adapter. These two features, along with the ever-improving NetCloud platform, provide for future expansion capability and the best investment protection available.


Indoor 5G/LTE Adapter

The Cradlepoint 5G broadband adapters provide industry-leading wireless WAN connectivity. These purpose-built adapters are available with a subscription to the NetCloud Service for 5G/LTE Branch Adapters, which provides optimized configuration and continuous improvements to cloud, modem, and router software features.

*All routers and adapters include the Netcloud Management Platform. You can choose between the essential and advanced versions and a duration of 1, 3, or 5 years.

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