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Panorama Antennas, founded in London in 1947, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of RF antenna solutions for wireless communications. The wide range of antenna solutions includes for example

  • Public safety
  • Public transport and transportation
  • M2M communication in buildings, enterprises, and other fixed sites
  • LTE & Wifi 
  • Cable and socket connections

Recommended products

Our Panorama Antennas product recommendations


Portable 4G/5G Antenna

DMM-6-60 is an innovatively designed, portable 4G/5G antenna for indoor use. It enables a 2x2 MiMo function for 4G/5G and seamless switching to 3G/2G if required. The antenna integrates two separately powered ultra-wideband elements in a compact housing to provide portable MiMo and diversity capabilities for frequencies from 617 to 960 MHz and 1710-6000 MHz, covering global LTE and 5G sub-mmWave bands.


Terminal Antenna

PWB-BC3G-38-RSMAP is a standalone antenna designed to cover the global 2G/3G/4G and 3.4-3.8GHz-5G frequencies from 698 to 960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz, 2500-2700 MHz and 3400-3800 MHz. The sleek and subtle antenna is optimized for end devices and routers and features a flexible, articulating SMA connector for custom positioning.


Vehicle antenna

The MAKO 5G Dome is a high performing 4x4 MiMo 4G/5G, GPS. 2x2 Wifi vehicle antenna, designed for latest generation routers and devices.

The MAKO 5G Dome consists of up to 11 elements; four high-performance isolated antenna elements covering 617-960/1710-6000MHz provide MiMo/Diversity at cellular/LTE frequencies, up to 6 optional dual band elements covering 2.4 & 5.0/7.2GHz support MiMo/Diversity operation for WiFi, and the optional high performing GPS/GNSS antenna with an integrated 26dB gain LNA and high-quality filtering for unparalleled positioning accuracy. None of the antennas in this series require a metallic ground plane, and all maintain high performance levels even when mounted on non-metallic surfaces.

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