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Silex - When it absolutly must connect

Silex Technology is a leading manufacturer of reliable and high-performance connectivity solutions for networked devices. For over 40 years, the company has been developing innovative technologies to enable wireless communication and networking in the digital world. Silex Technology offers a wide range of products that are used in various solutions and applications. Silex are always particularly glad to be used when a stable, secure WLAN connection that is largely protected against failure is required.


With the devices from Silex Technology

Networking in the education system

WLAN connection points and device servers enable seamless integration of technology in educational settings, creating an effective digital teaching environment.

WLAN in the medical area

Silex devices support connectivity and data exchange in medical environments, resulting in improved patient care.

Industry and manufacturing

WLAN bridges and serial devices from Silex enable optimized monitoring and control of machines and processes in industry.

Retail, hospitality and office environments

Silex WLAN connections and USB device servers enable efficient device usage on the network. From printers to scanners to dongles, all devices are seamlessly integrated into the network.

Improve your IT infrastructure with Silex

Increase efficiency: Seamless connectivity and easy management enable more efficient use of networked devices and solutions.

Cost savings: Reliable and durable, Silex equipment minimizes downtime, reducing long-term operating costs.

Future-proof: Silex Technology's innovative technologies guarantee a future-proof solution that meets ever-increasing demands.

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