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Legrand-based Raritan is an innovative and established provider of power management, KVM and serial over IP solutions for data centers of all sizes. 

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Raritan has offices around the world, helping customers in more than 60,000 locations with its award-winning hardware and software solutions to increase data center reliability anytime, anywhere through manageability and visibility, and to enable efficient use of costly power through intelligent power distribution and monitoring.

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Raritan Products and Solutions

Atlantik Systeme sells Raritan's complete product portfolio as a long-time Raritan distributor.


Server and system management solutions

Control and access at any time for any application: whether KVM-over-IP or Serial-over-IP in the data center, as a solution for small locations and remote sites or the 4k broadcast variant.

Dominion KX III

KVM-over-IP Enterprise Switch

The KVM Enterprise solution for data centers of any size with web-based access at BIOS level of up to 64 servers per device with up to 8 simultaneous access options via the network. Equipped with the connection options required in the market for digital and analog video interfaces, supplementary options for serial systems or the use of separate high-performance user stations also offer additional added value for the broadcast sector, in control rooms or laboratories.   

Dominion KX IV-101

Singel Port 4k - KVM-over-IP Switch

The fully digital architecture of the 1-port 4k UHD KVM-over-IP switch enables extremely high video quality and performance while providing faster access to virtual media. It is therefore the ideal device for a wide range of applications, of course with Java-free remote access to the systems to be controlled.

Dominion SX II

Serial-over-IP console server

Benefit from powerful hardware with a wide range of features in Java free serial-over-IP control and monitoring of your systems. With variants ranging from 4 to 48 ports, the Dominion SX II offers secure yet easy-to-use access to all network devices with serial ports, with a wide range of security features. Available in AC and DC variants.

Power Distribution Solutions

More than just the pure power supply in and at the rack for business-critical IT infrastructure.


Intelligent Rack PDU´s

Intelligent Rack PDU's of the Raritan PX series provide with practice-relevant functions and high reliability for a safe and effective power supply in the rack and the possibility, remotely and also automated, to monitor and control all relevant energy parameters. 
Whether 1-phase or 3-phase, 16A, 32A, or 63A, switchable and non-switchable, PDU or outlet metered, with more than 1000 variants, a suitable model is quickly found, or customized.
Intelligent, innovative functions such as the monitoring of various power quality parameters, including load-induced distortion, the ability to identify the outlet when the circuit breaker is tripped using the integrated wave capture function, and much more bring maximum transparency to the power supply of mission-critical IT. 
Flexibility through hybrid C13/C19 outlets, high port densities, safety-relevant features such as the residual current measurement function (RCM), mechanical outlet interlocks, the connectivity and monitoring of environmental sensors and much more make the Raritan PX Rack PDU's the unique solution for power supply in the rack.


Intelligent Rack Transfer Switches

Intelligent Rack Transfer Switches also provide redundant power for systems equipped with only one power supply. By combining the respective advantages of STS and ATS transfer switches, Raritan's hybrid transfer switch offers the best of both systems: fastest switching times of 4-8ms, low heat generation, energy-efficient operation and fanless design. The intelligence of automated and remote monitoring and control of all relevant power parameters adds another level of operational reliability for single power IT devices.

Environmental monitoring

Operational safety only comes with knowledge!


Plug & Play

Automatically monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, leakage, etc. in and on the rack and reduce the risk of production downtime through real-time alerts! Highly accurate measurement data available in real time, visual status information as well as easy expandability ensure optimal usage options and thus support the daily work to ensure high operational reliability as well as to avoid unnecessary costs by means of the dosed use of cooling energy through knowledge of the desired and monitored temperature in the data center!

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