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Lantronix is a global leader in networking, IoT, and SaaS solutions for enterprises, data centers, healthcare, the public sector, automotive, smart cities, and more. The U.S. manufacturer, headquartered in Irvine, has pioneered device management OOM (Out of Band Management), network switches, serial-to-Ethernet device servers, IoT gateways since 1998.


Lantronix solution areas

Out-of-Band Management: Increase the reliability of your network with our solutions, whether Advanced Out-of-Band Management, Console Server, or KVM - good network management is essential today. Out-of-Band Management (OOB) not only ensures secure access to remote devices during an outage but also automates many daily tasks that may otherwise unnecessarily take up a large part of a network administrator's schedule.

Healthcare: Lantronix IoT gateway solutions for the healthcare sector provide hospitals, laboratories, and medical device manufacturers with the technology required to optimize patient care while reducing costs at the same time. Regardless of choosing a wired or wireless solution, we offer the medical gateway designed to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations.


Recommended products

Popular Lantronix products from our portfolio

The LM83X Series

The advanced out-of-band solution for your network

The LM83X has been designed from the ground up as a modular platform that can remotely monitor, manage and control up to 104 devices via a serial RS-232 console connection, independent of the network. It is also capable of managing virtual environments and SD-WAN deployments to increase resilience. Virtual ports and port forwarding allow the out-of-band platform to be used as a robust toolset for secure access to the entire network infrastructure. It also serves to automate day-to-day management and is a primary source of information and response to network emergencies.


The industry's first modular console server

Experience an outstanding out-of-band solution for managing remote environments with the Lantronix SLC 8000 Series Console Manager. Its failover and intelligent control enable smooth implementation in all environments while secure access to IT devices via RS-232, USB console, and Ethernet saves you valuable deployment time and resources. Complete your management setup with the easy-to-use ConsoleFlow™ software, which enables centralized and automated monitoring and management of your IT landscape.

Lantronix SGX5150202ES

Wireless IoT Gateway

The Lantronix® SGX 5150 MD Wireless IoT Gateway for medical devices offers versatility, security, and IEC 6060 certification to optimize your healthcare operations. With real-time access to information and data on a patient's health status and advanced monitoring, SGX 5150 MD enables comprehensive patient management, allowing doctors and nurses to develop individualized treatment approaches based on precise insights to improve their patients' quality of life.


Device server for reliable serial-to-ethernet connection

Expand the capabilities of your devices with the UDS series of external device servers by Lantronix. With These advanced servers, connect, manage, and control virtually any device with a serial port over Ethernet or the Internet. The UDS family provides the flexibility and efficiency to operate devices remotely and integrate applications seamlessly.

Lantronix G520 Industrial Gateway

LTE CAT 4 Router for EMEA/Asia

The Lantronix G520 series is the next-generation IoT mobile gateway for Industry 4.0, security, and transportation applications.

Key Features

  • Support for high-speed LTE and 5G.
  • Suite for converting fieldbus protocols
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Secure crypto element

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