Atlantik Systeme
Innovative network technology and network components
At the core of Atlantik Systeme GmbH's business activities is a focus on solutions. Based on your requirements and processes, we jointly develop precise, tailor-made solutions from a technologically forward-thinking pool of manufacturers. Atlantik Systeme's customers benefit from professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales support provided by a qualified expert team.

Atlantik Systeme

Authorized distributor and specialists in network technology

Founded more than 30 years ago, Atlantik Systeme GmbH has evolved into a market-leading distributor of high-quality network components and solutions from renowned manufacturers. As a value-added distributor, we have established an international partner network and are therefore always able to combine competitive pricing, quick deliveries, and professional consulting to meet your requirements. 

Atlantik Systeme GmbH focuses on solutions: Our team creates customized, innovative solutions individually tailored to your specific requirements you. As our client, you benefit from professional pre-sales consulting and post-sales support by a qualified team of experts and will receive optimized support along the entire value chain, from the procurement of individual network components to a complete network solution. 

Atlantik Systeme GmbH is a subsidiary of Atlantik Networxx AG, a family-owned global corporate group based in Planegg near Munich. Since its establishment in 2000, Atlantik Networxx holds 100% of the shares in its four subsidiaries Atlantik Elektronik GmbH, Atlantik Systeme GmbH, Astradis Elektronik GmbH, and Allmos Electronic GmbH.


Our linecard

Our business model

For sustainable success

Your Expert Team on Demand

Our experienced and flexible team of experts is always available to provide highly functional solutions for your projects. With many years of experience, expertise, and an established network of reliable manufacturers in network technologies, we are a strong partner for every project.

Customized Solutions

Every company is unique. Therefore, our services and solutions are always customized to your specific requirements to ensure a cost-effective, timely, and professional solution.

Fast and Reliable Service

In a fast-paced world, availability and quick response times are crucial. We provide you with maximum availability and short delivery times as we understand the importance of reliable and efficient service for your business.

Ideal Price-Performance Ratio

Your investment should be profitable. Our balanced price-performance ratio guarantees not only the best quality but also economic efficiency for your project.

We are a big family

Our sister companies:

Atlantik Elektronik is a leading technology marketer and design-in specialist for innovative semiconductor products and solutions in the high-end segment of growth-oriented markets. As a solution provider, the company offers numerous services and products to support customers along the entire value chain.
Astradis Elektronik GmbH, as a globally operating independent distributor, supports its customers in the procurement of active components in consistently high quality with the shortest possible delivery times. This service includes all components that are regularly available or on allocation, as well as components with long lead times and discontinued components.
Allmos Electronic specializes in network measurement technology, network analysis, and network monitoring, and supports you in the implementation and use of intelligent measurement tools. At Allmos Electronic, you will find measurement devices from Fluke Networks, NetAlly, and Netscout to ensure the availability of your network and IT infrastructure.
BCD Atlantik is a leading technology distributor and expert in the design-in of innovative semiconductor components and solutions. As a solutions provider, the company offers a range of services and products to support its customers across the entire value chain. Since its founding in 1990, we have collaborated with many of the largest and most successful OEMs in the UK, and we understand what it takes to bring a product from concept to production.