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Our expertise in innovative network technologies

Work from Anywhere
Innovative connectivity from anywhere
Flexibility and mobility have become central to modern working life, and the concept of 'Work from Anywhere' (WFA) is a catalyst for the evolution of working practice. It is no longer simply about working from home – it is the promise of being able to work anywhere or anytime: in a café, a temporary office abroad, or even on the beach or a mountaintop.
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5G PCN networks
The future of connectivity starts now
  A new age of connectivity is beginning with 5G. This advanced technology not only offers particularly high speeds but also enables completely new applications, from real-time communication to innovative IoT solutions. The real-time connection of devices and systems enables an entirely new level of business opportunities. Atlantik Systeme supports you as an innovative partner in utilizing t...
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Retail and Point of Sale Solutions
innovative technology solutions for the retail industry
Technology is reshaping the retail industry significantly and this process is still far from complete. From advanced checkout systems and barcode scanners to connectivity technologies that facilitate networking and shelf labeling systems that improve product presentation – significant advances are constantly evolving. In addition, sensor technologies will revolutionize customer interaction. Togeth...
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Solutions for data centers
Secure, efficient, and cost-saving - with full transparency!
With our versatile selection of innovative and established products for data centers of all sizes, we can provide you with tailored solutions for the secure, energy-efficient, and cost-effective operation of business-critical IT infrastructure.
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Medical Devices
Innovative connectivity solutions for medical advancement
The integration of technology in healthcare has great potential to significantly improve patient care and contribute to successful treatment courses. Ranging from innovative diagnostic devices utilizing new sensor technology to provide accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment approaches, to connected patient monitoring systems and the streamlining of clinical processes through facilitated aut...
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Revolutionize transportation with the latest technology
The transportation sector is undergoing unprecedented change as technology advances: from GPS-guided cargo tracking to automated logistics solutions and intelligent transport systems - the industry is moving faster than ever. Connectivity technologies facilitate coordination, while advanced sensor technology increases safety. Atlantik Systeme provides you with access to such innovative technologie...
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