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Retail and Point of Sale solutions

Modern technology solutions for the retail industry


Technology is reshaping the retail industry significantly and this process is still far from complete. From advanced checkout systems and barcode scanners to connectivity technologies that facilitate networking and shelf labeling systems that improve product presentation – significant advances are constantly evolving. In addition, sensor technologies will revolutionize customer interaction. Together with our partners and suppliers, we are able to offer the latest technologies to improve your business.

Retail overview

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Connectivity from day one

Instant internet

With our innovative technology, we provide you with instant Internet access, without waiting for a DSL installation.

Pop-Up store

Internet access from anywhere

Regardless of your business location, we provide you with instant and secure internet access.

Overlay and Out-of-Band Management

Seamless connection


This ensures a seamless transition to a mobile network connection in case your primary cable connection is interrupted.


Connectivity solution for third-party providers

Our connectivity solutions enable third-party providers to operate their business independently of your company.