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13. March 2015 | Planegg

From now on twinaxial SFP+ Direct Attach copper cables programmed for use with CISCO equipment are available at Atlantik Systeme. The new cables have been specially programmed for use with all Cisco network devices with 10GBASE-CX1 ports, including the Catalyst and Nexus switches.

With these SFP+ Direct Attach copper cables being connected to Cisco devices, there is no warning of an unknown product as they are recognized as a related product. This enables the use of SIEMON SFP+ DACs with no effect on the CISCO granted warranty. Increasingly, the SFP+ DAC Direct Attach copper cable and transceiver with 10 Gbit/s are used for top-of-rack (ToR) applications used in the data center, where small access switches or port extenders are connected directly to the server.

SIEMON developed an energy-saving, cost-effective alternative to optical modules for high-speed connections over short. The SFP+ Direct Attach copper cables are especially suitable for high-performance computing (HPC) in networking and storage environments that support data rates from 10+ Gbit/ s effortlessly per lane and get an improved transmission performance at very low crosstalk.Like all SFP+ Direct Attach copper cables from Cisco, also Siemon's Twinax cables are shielded and manufactured with a rugged die-cast housing, have an effective strain relief and gold-plated contacts for stable performance at higher frequencies and minimized electromagnetic radiation.

"In order to avoid troubleshooting because of inferior cables, some switch manufacturers integrate coding or a vendor lock into their devices, that generate a corresponding warning message when an unauthorized cable is plugged into a port", said Ottmar Flach, Managing Director of Atlantik Systeme GmbH. "Siemon's SFP+ DAC comply with the IEEE and SFF industry standards with proven interoperability. This very much simplifies data center managers‘ work", continued Ottmar Flach.

The Cisco compatible SFP+ Direct Attach copper cables are available in the same lengths and wire sizes as the DACs from Cisco, but at considerably reduced cost. The cable assemblies are available in lengths ranging from one to five meters that support data rates of up to 10+ Gbit/s per lane and meet or exceed the current standard specifications.

Atlantik Systeme support customers with technical support around the the integration with the CISCO compatible SFP+ Direct Attach copper cables. The customer can rely on the experience of Atlantik Systeme system and the extensive range of additional components such as transceivers, switches, routers, access points and controllers.

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