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Atlantik Systeme presents new residual current monitoring capabilities from Raritan

07. March 2019 | Planegg

Atlantik Systeme, value-added distributor in the field of network components, presents a new range of residual current monitoring (RCM Type B) options for Raritan intelligent PDUs.

These new RCM (Residual Current Monitoring) modules feature a patented self-test feature. This not only eliminates the need for manual checking by an electrician, but also allows the process to be performed automatically.

Real-time monitoring and detection of residual currents reduces the risk of electric shocks, fires or failures. If self-defined limit values of all monitored energy parameters are exceeded, escalation processes are automatically initiated.

Raritan PDUs can be equipped with 3 different RCM options:

  • RCM Type A: Detects alternating currents from from 6 mA (IEC62020).
  • RCM type B, one channel: Detects AC and DC currents: from 15 mA (IEC62020).
  • RCM type B, three channels: Detects AC and DC currents from15 mA (IEC62020) on each line.

All Raritan PDUs equipped with RCM sensors also measure neutral current with 1% accuracy to EN50600 2-2.

Your benefits:

  • Overloading or possible interruptions of the N conductor are indicated at an early stage.
  • The reliability of the operating and system safety is significantly increased.
  • Potential fire hazards and impending downtimes are detected even before an incident occurs.
  • Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Raritan's intelligent PDUs are available for order from Atlantik Systeme. Contact us via our contact form.

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