08. September 2016 | Planegg

Atlantik Systeme, Value-added distributor in the area of network components present the IP-based serial console server from Raritan. The Dominion SXII allowed remote access and control of servers, routers, switches, and other equipment with serial ports.  With faster connection to IT devices from anywhere, the SX II helps administrators resolve incidents and problems even faster.

The next generation Dominion SX II is currently one of the highest performances, safest, most reliable, user friendly and manageable serial-over- IP device on the market.

Because the Dominion SX II controls IT devices through their serial ports, IT specialists can use the secure console server to monitor and manage any connected serial device, even when the network is down. 

Ottmar Flach, general manager of Atlantik Systeme GmbH, describes the advantages of the Dominion SXII: „By managing equipment from wherever IT experts are located, whether at the rack or miles away, companies can dramatically reduce IT support costs, staff travel time, and improve business uptime.“

The Dominion SX II has a new powerful hardware platform providing better performance and new productivity features to manage IT environments, where security, high availability and costs are top concerns.

Popular Product
  • Versions with 4, 8, 16, 32 and 48 ports
  • Dual Power and Dual Ethernet
  • CLI access and Management via SSH, Telnet and Web browser
  • Automatically detect of DTE/DCE Ports
  • Direct connection via CAT cable – not a Rollover cable
  • Innovativ rack access: seriell, USB or via KVM
  • Up to 200 simultaneously user sessions
  • Remote power control of Raritan PDU's
  • 256-Bit AES-encoding / FIPS 140-2 module

Atlantik Systeme provides in addition to serial Dominion SXII console server also suitable Raritan KVM over IP switches to control servers with keyboard / mouse / video interface to guarantee company-wide access to all IT devices.

For large installations is also the Raritan "Command Center " Secure Gateway, a central gateway to the IT infrastructure, available.

The Dominion SX II is in Versions with 4, 8, 16, 32 and 48 Ports available at Atlantik Systeme. It can provide simple and can be quickly set up for access to the IT equipment management.