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15. March 2021 | Planegg

Atlantik Systeme, value-added distributor of innovative embedded Wireless Connectivity solutions, presents the new Edge Management Gateway EMG™7500 from Lantronix.

The new EMG7500, is a cost-effective, secure edge management gateway in a small form factor. It is an integrated part of Lantronix’s business continuity solution of interlocking hardware, software and value-added services. With the EMG7500, Lantronix is expanding its offering of REM solutions within its EMG family of Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) products.

The EMG7500 Edge Management Gateway, together with the ConsoleFlow centralized management platform and the Global connectivity and VPN services, provides the same quality, reliability and functionality that customers appreciate in larger edge gateways.

Designed for remote and unmanned sites such as branch offices and operational facilities, the EMG7500’s small form factor is perfect for applications where space is limited or at a premium.

With its compact design, the EMG7500 is an effective solution alongside critical infrastructure in remote sites, including branch offices, retail stores and unmanned sites such as ATMs and cell towers. Delivering reliable and secure edge management for offsite network device management in a cost-effective and small form factor, the EMG7500 enables remote troubleshooting, resilience and remediation to improve the uptime and efficiency of networks and keep businesses running smoothly.

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Key Features
  • An integrated automatic fail-over/fail-back mechanism that allows EMG users to connect to network equipment even when the primary network connection is congested or unresponsive
  • Network Performance Monitoring with support of IPSLA simulation traffic to ensure continuous and reliable network communication and help mitigate Lights Out scenarios
  • Centralized Management with Lantronix’s ConsoleFlow™ on-premises and cloud-based management platform delivering a single pane of glass to view all deployed Lantronix edge management gateways and connected IT equipment
  • Global and Carrier Connectivity and VPN as a Service security options tailored to the unique requirements of each remote site
  • Mobile access from any iOS® or Android™ platform for secure remote access to IT equipment

Lantronix’s EMG family also includes the EMG8500, which offers Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) and the same features and benefits in a slightly larger form factor.

Detailed product information can be found in our datasheet>>

The EMG7500 Edge Management Gateway from Lantronix is now available in our Webshop.