27. June 2023 | Planegg

Increase operational security in your data centre, at remote locations of IT and communication technology or other critical locations!


Monitor relevant environmental parameters with Plug&Play sensors from Raritan. Because you can only react adequately to parameters you know or influence them in a meaningful way!

Increase security and reduce the risk of production downtime by receiving real-time alerts on critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, leakage, etc. in and around the rack.

Optimise energy consumption in the data centre through the metered use of cooling energy by knowing the desired and monitored temperature in the data centre.

Highly accurate measurement data available in real time, visual status information as well as easy expandability ensure optimal usage options and thus support daily work to ensure high operational reliability and avoid unnecessary costs!

All Raritan Plug&Play environmental sensors with RJ45 sensor port for easy use on the following devices:

Intelligent Rack PDU's - for power distribution in the rack
Hybrid Rack Transfer Switches - for power redundancy of equipment with only one power supply unit
Intelligent Smart Rack Controllers - central rack controller system 
Branch Circuit Monitorimg System - monitoring systems for sub-distributors

For more information on the possibilities of the environmental sensors, please see the data sheet!

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