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26. January 2022

Atlantik Elektronik, a provider of cloud-based LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, presents with Cradlepoint's new E102 router series global enterprises the performance and features needed for secure mobile working.

Designed specifically for mobile working, the router uses LTE cellular connectivity and meets international certifications and standards. The device features a fast next-generation LTE cellular modem (CAT7) that doubles download speeds for more performance and triples upload speeds compared to previous generations of modems to support broadband-hungry applications such as video conferencing.

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Highlights of the E102 series
  • Modem: C7C modem or C7D modem, each with 2 x SMA connectors for cellular antennas
  • Ethernet: 5 x GbE RJ45 (LAN/WAN switchable)
  • Wi-Fi: dual radio, dual band, simultaneous operation (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Consumption: Idle: 6 W, Typical: 9.5 W, Heavy: 12 W
  • Expansion: 1 USB 2.0 Type A (Output: 5 V, 500 mA, 2.5 W)
  • GNSS/GPS: 1 x SMA GNSS antenna connector
  • Size: 135 × 270 × 32.4 mm
  • Weight: 620g

The Cradlepoint E102 Enterprise Router provides a scalable, easy-to-manage solution that can be extended to thousands of remote workers at any location. All the while, new users can be managed with little to no additional staff. IT gains complete control over security, availability and management, as well as device access and traffic usage. The router takes into account network standards and interoperability to fit easily into existing networks.

The dedicated resilient LTE connection prevents resource and bandwidth contention with other devices on the home network, preventing performance issues. In addition, using a dedicated WAN and WLAN network isolates work devices such as laptops and printers to meet security and compliance policies. This allows organizations to meet company-wide security standards by extending them to all networked corporate resources and providing employees with the same IT capabilities and end-user experience as on the office network.

Cradlepoint NetCloud implements and controls security policies through the router, removing end-user responsibility for VPN connections. Flexible options support different office, cloud access and security models, including enterprise VPN extension, direct Internet access or a mix of both. In addition, companies can ensure cost-effective IT support for home office employees.

The Cradlepoint E102 Enterprise Router provides simple, IT-centric management that enables monitoring, control and troubleshooting on employee home wireless edge routers via the NetCloud Manager cloud-based management platform. In addition, policies can be set to support traffic shaping and more performance for applications. In addition, zero-touch deployment simplifies installation, as pre-configured routers can be delivered to the home with SIM cards already unlocked for easy setup.


The Cradlepoint E102 Enterprise Router is now available in our webshop.