28. September 2017 | Planegg

Introducing the iX7™ PDU Controller: More Capabilities, More Features, More Power

See how the latest PX intelligent PDU controller, the iX7™, delivers unsurpassed reliability, more efficient operations and a future-proof architecture built to support your growing data center.

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And no component in an intelligent rack PDU is more important to reliability and longevity than the onboard computer built into every unit.

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This is iX7 - the most advanced PDU controller ever built.

It delivers a future-proof design, with much more computing power; higher efficiency processors; a host of extra ports; and standard Gigabit Ethernet - delivering the longest technology life-expectancy of any intelligent PDU.

The bright color LCD screen is the best display ever provided on a PDU. It includes important power data, it flips to any orientation, and delivers advanced troubleshooting features.

Because reliability it will even provide emergency power to rescue other PDUs in the cabinet if you lose your primary power feed.

Equipped with two Ethernet ports, you can access your PDU on two separate networks. Infrastructure managers, co-location facilities, or IT administrators can see the same critical energy and environmental data that Raritan provides – even if they’re on different networks or VLANs.

With two USB ports on every unit, the iX7 controller provides WiFi connectivity; a link to an iPad interface; a USB webcam for security; or allows for rapid commission and upgrades of hundreds of PDUs with USB flash drives. With this architecture, future expansions are limitless.

A sensor bus and feature ports allow seamless connections to monitor the cabinet’s environment, security, and assets. These sensors can be integrated much faster than comparable standalone solutions - enabling you to increase uptime, while saving on energy and costs.

iX7 is powered by Xerus, Raritan’s open technology platform. With Xerus, interoperability is guaranteed: the data provided by your PDU’s can be accessed through different interfaces or third-party DCIM. Xerus also provides an advanced user interface that adapts to your desktop, tablet, or phone.

The new iX7 will revolutionize the way you manage your data center.