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With our modern technology solutions, we streamline operations and ensure smooth business process flow.

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With our versatile selection of innovative and established products for data centers of all sizes, we can provide you with tailored solutions for the secure, energy-efficient, and cost-effective operation of business-critical IT infrastructure.

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Our versatile solutions enable maximum control and detailed insight into the performance of the different systems in your data center. KVM-over-IP or Serial-over-IP systems provide continuous access to ensure productivity, automated monitoring of intelligent power distribution and overall power management, as well as monitoring of essential environmental parameters such as temperature or air quality to perform necessary adjustments immediately. The use of successfully tested cost-effective transceivers with a limited lifetime warranty helps you to increase your operational performance in a cost-effective way.

Server and system management

Control and access at all times

Get reliable, high-quality access to your servers and systems with our solutions - anytime, anywhere!

Power Distribution

Energy efficiency and Security

Monitor all critical parameters for the efficient operation of your data center with intelligent power distribution and consumption control.

Environmental monitoring

Prevention of downtimes

Reduce the risk of production downtimes with automated monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, leakage, etc., and real-time alerts!


Reliable and cost-effective

High-quality and reliable standard-based and MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant transceivers for every application at competitive conditions!